So, is moving to the country a good idea? Well, that truly depends on YOU. Here’s my tips and two cents:

Try before you buy

Unless you’re moving to an area you know inside out, spend at least six months renting a property to really understand a place before committing.

Go local

‍‍Investigate local amenities when you’re house hunting. Shops, hairdressers, post offices, cafés, village schools and nurseries all need footfall. Disconnected services lead to a disconnected community.

Brace yourself

Get the right garb, prepare yourself for weather changes, expect to see plenty of roadkill, butchers’ game, pheasant shoots and livestock in lorry transporters.

Be wary of buying land

‍Owning land means managing it, so bite off what you can chew (and afford).

Go with the flow

This is the most important part of making any big decision. Wherever we go, we can’t escape from ourselves. Expect the unexpected and tolerate the ambiguity. Rural living isn’t for everyone, but it may just be it for you. When making a big decision like this, it is important to consider all the different factors and scenarios, make a pros and cons list, and do your due diligence. And most importantly, when you do make the decision, make sure to prepare everything in advance to ensure a smooth shift.