Technically, the world is your oyster. But, some of the pearls we have found are worth taking a look at.

Bali is at the top of our list. It has got something for everyone, whether you’re looking for an authentic Indonesian experience or a dip into island luxury. The same goes for Dubai, minus the island part. It’s an expat haven.

And while you’re in Asia how about heading to India, the place of a million find-yourself clichés, but the full-on sensory assault means there are few better places for stepping right out of your comfort zone.

A multi-destination trip through Far East Asia is on our bucket list currently. We went for an African safari last year after being stuck at home for a year and a half prior to that. We hope to capitalize on the off season on our extended vacation.

However, if you’re seeking a more easygoing trip then Europe is the place for you. Throw in some adventurous activities - from surfing to skydiving - if you get the sudden urge for an adrenaline rush. Wherever you decide to go, you just have to plan well. This is some key stuff we learned along the way.

Tricks of the trade

  • Travel light. You don’t want to be lugging around lots of heavy, clunky bags. We like to keep travel packing cubes ready to go with toiletries, medications and electronic accessories.   
  • Plan the logistics ahead of time such as, accommodation, insurance, home management in your absence etc.
  • Make sure to savor the flavors of wherever you are, literally and figuratively. There’s lots to eat and see anywhere you go.
  • Stay connected as you take the road less traveled. Be spontaneous and take the scenic route even if it is sometimes longer. But don’t forget to keep your phone charged because you never know when you may need it for directions or to take a picture.
  • Relax. Be present. Don’t think about what you’ll be doing later. Make space to relax and savor the moment. Stroll casually.

Let’s be honest, too many of us falsely believe that traveling the world is for the youngsters and it can be but, you can travel your way through empty-nesting and into your retirement, too! Whether you choose to go on a round the world trip or on a cruise, we promise you that choosing to travel the world and explore different cultures, food and scenery will be the best decision you made for yourself.

So what are you waiting for?