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Richibucto, New Brunswick

Richibucto, New Brunswick is a river community that sits upon the shores of the Richibucto River where it empties into the Northumberland Strait. It boasts a great small-town vibe, with a welcoming population as well as impressive scenery. For many where the fast pace of life, the noise, and the density of a big city just doesn’t cut it, the quiet evenings, uncrowded streets, and boundless land of Richibucto beckon. Those seeking a change of pace and a better quality of life will find the village a charming place to drop anchor.

Natural Scenic Landscapes

Richibucto's beautiful coastal setting can best be seen with a stroll along its seaside trails. The town’s name is an indigenous term for “river of fire” which expresses the fiery sunsets reflected in its waters. As it wounds its way through the heart of the community, the Richibucto River sparkles like tinsel while offering a lovely backdrop to the Acadian forests and nature preserves that characterize the place's natural beauty. Settling in Richibucto means choosing coastal splendor, sandy beaches and sylvan trails that blend in seamlessly.

Strong Sense of Community

Richibucto is a particularly neighborly town where residents take pride in knowing one another and recognizing each other on the street. No one from the approximately 1,400 population is just a face in the crowd; everyone is a valued member of a close-knit community. The town's various social events and gatherings foster tight bonds that can only flourish when residents frequently interact and truly get to know one another on a personal level. Almost all of the population speak English so there should be no problem getting by.

Economical Cost of Living

In Richibucto, households pay affordable housing and day-to-day living costs. It ranks as one of the top inexpensive seaside real estate destinations in the country with homes’ median price at 82% lower than the national average. When it comes to groceries, goods and services, utilities and transportation bills, they are cumulatively 6% lower than the New Brunswick average and 19% lower than the national average. First-time homebuyers, young families, and retirees will find their dollar holding more mileage in Richibucto.

Booming Local Economy

Given its nearness to the Richibucto River and Northumberland Strait, maritime commercial activities dominate the economy of Richibucto. It is one of the most important ports for coastal and deep-sea fishing on New Brunswick’s east coast, with some 100 fishing boats and 300 fishermen plying their trade. The downtown area is home to a developed retail sector while a business park is focused on manufacturing, offering locals an array of employment opportunities. Moreover, the town's proximity to larger centers like Moncton and Fredericton opens up additional job prospects for those willing to commute.

Relevant Community Services

Richibucto cares about its community by providing essential services that enrich the lives of the residents and contribute to a flourishing community spirit. The Richibucto Public Library provides access to books, magazines, newspapers and online resources that promote personal growth and lifelong learning. The Imperial Kent North Center features a skating rink, walking track, gym and exercise room for getting fit and staying healthy. The Jardine Municipal Park is also another place where residents can go to be physically active.

Rich Cultural Heritage

Richibucto proudly celebrates its unique and vibrant history, combining four centuries of Mi'kmaq, Spanish, Acadian, Celtic and English cultures. Residents immerse themselves in local festivals, culinary delights, and historic sites that tell of the growth of the riverside hub. The Richibucto River Museum has an impressive collection of preserved documents, portraits and artifacts that provide an eye-opening window to the past. The Lestock DesBrisay House, on the other hand, is a rare example of a Regency style dwelling from the 19th century, characterized by its playful look and flamboyant elements.

Thriving Social Calendar

Richibucto’s cultural scene is best experienced by joining the community events that make the town unique, distinctive and different from others. The Richibucto River Wine Estate holds seasonal tours of its vineyards and winery for learning the many varieties of cold-climate grapes and sampling award-winning wines. The annual Richibucto Scallop Festival celebrates the local scallops, the scallop fishing industry, and the people who brave the seas to harvest them with four days of live music, scallop cook-off, and fireworks display.