Sell like a Pro

Sell Higher

We have a ‘secret sauce’ that assures maximum equity for your home! The unbeatable combo of having a finger on the pulse of the market, Devon’s extensive experience in Reno, Shawna’s staging certification and expertise – all help to maximize results!

Sell Faster

There’s nothing more gratifying than a speedy sale! Our 25+ years of Marketing and Sales experience provides insights on how to position your home properly on the market so your home sells faster and for more money!

Sell Smarter

The dynamics of the market keeps us on our toes – as we constantly gauge competition, assess changes and provide timely updates and feedback on your home.  Keeping you aware keeps you in control and leads to a smarter, timely sale!

Sell Easier

Keller Williams, the world’s largest real estate company, has your back! With their experience and technology, we are set up to succeed. Add to that, our focus on immigration and an international focus – rest assured your home is exposed to the larger, wider, world market to capture the interest of newcomers as they plan where to live in our province.